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              Listed below are our services provided by our company for Accounting, Payroll and Income Tax Preparation.


            Summarize transactions based on submitted vouchers and receipts
Prepare, compute and file and monthly gross receipts tax (GRT) due using Form BMD
Prepare, computer and file Form BRQ with Dept. of Revenue and Taxation
Reconcile bank statements and petty cash funds
Prepare general journal entries
Prepare adjusting journal entries
Maintain a general ledger account
Prepare adjusting trial balance
Prepare unaudited financial statements
Prepare cash flow statement
Prepare and file year-end reports Form 1099 and Form 1096


Calculate total hours worked based on submitted time cards or sheets
Prepare and calculate payroll base on total hours worked submitted and
      generate a payroll register.
Prepare, computer and file FICA taxes due and payable
Prepare, compute and file withholding taxes due and payable
Prepare and file reports such as, Form W-1, Form 941SS, and Form SW-2 with 
      the appropriate tax authorities.
Prepare and file year-end forms, such as Form W2Gu, and the Guam Wage and Tax Statements.


Prepare and file Income Tax Return with
      the appropriate schedules with the Department of Revenue and Taxation. 
      Corporation Income Tax Returns: March 15, 2009
      Personal Income Tax Returns: April 15, 2009


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